The Carter Society

Dear Prospective Members,

The Carter Society has made some recent changes in our By-Laws to make our membership a lot easier and streamlined the process to join and participate in our meetings and annual reunion.

We have instituted a two-part process for membership. The first step is to fill out the “Friends of the Carter Society” part one which can be filled out or download off our website and emailed to the Society. The $75.00 membership for your first year’s dues and application fee can be made on our PayPal link or mail your check to:

The Carter Society
C/O Treasurer
221 Lindsay Lane
Russellville, KY 42276

Once your Part 1 application has been received and dues paid- Our Membership Committee Chair will forward to you by email the Part-2 application which is for you to document your Carter family tree and provide the necessary supporting documentation.


We are happy to assist you with documenting your Carter history, help get through those “brick” walls that sometimes pop up, and slow you down. We have all been through the process and we know how frustrating it can be at times but we are there to facilitate the process and answer your questions.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!