Our 2014 reunion took us back to Kilmarnock, Lancaster County of Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay. Colonists and early settlers first landed on Lancaster's shores, it is a product of natural beauty, abundant resources and a home of our ancestors who were visionaries in making the land what it is today. The speakers for our event were Dr. Robert Lumsden, he spoke on "Carter English Ancestry -- Update", Robert Teagle spoke on "Life in 18th Christ Church Parish", Matthew Brent spoke on "Education as it developed in Virginia, and Mike Terry -- Carter DNA Project Administrator walked us through the Carter DNA process. We toured Historic Christ Church Parish, Corotoman, Verville (Barford), visited the Major Edward Dale marker, took a boat cruise on the Corotoman River on the Captain Thomas, and were able to spend time at the Mary Ball Washington Museum in Lancaster. The hosts for the social hour were Janie and David Vaughn and our entertainment one evening was by Captain Gene Johnson and Dr. Lucy Cole, "The Sea Notes".