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About Us


A Brief History of the Society

The genesis of our esteemed Society actually came to pass fifty years ago as I came to know the love and strong family spirit that bound my Carter relatives one to another. The kind, genteel nature of my grandfather Carter and his siblings was only overshadowed by their extraordinary inner strength and courage in the daunting rigors of life. From my very early years I remember such a sense of belonging that I came to know only through my Carter heritage.

As fate would have it, years passed before I began my genealogical research, and I was astounded to find hundreds of distant "cousins" who spoke of the very same inherent family traits. My path was set early on: the pursuit of a Carter gathering came to pass in 1996 and, with many hands helping, it was an outstanding success.

Since 1998 we have held annual reunions, each greatly surpassing the prior year. It was surprising to me, however, that I could find no other lines of our Carter family, nor any of the other known early Virginia Carter families, seeking to overcome the distance in time and place to establish a connection with their Carter kin.

At the fifth annual Carter Family Reunion held in Lancaster County in 2001, it was my great honor to announce that eight of my Carter cousins had agreed to help organize and incorporate The Carter Society. This elite group, all descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of Lancaster County, Virginia, had the wisdom to expand their vision of an organized heritage society to include descendants of all the known Carter immigrants to Virginia.

Aware that many of those early Carters had familial connections in their English ancestry, we also knew that the early generations in the colony, even those not related by blood, were bound by the many hardships and struggles they endured while seeking to build a better religious, political, and social life for themselves and their fellow man.

Our forefathers, the Carters of early Virginia and their progeny, helped forge this nation based upon freedom and liberty for all men, and it is a heritage worthy of honor. The Carter Society has emerged slowly but with an extreme sense of purpose. May no man sway us from the path we have set.

Fay Parrish Wade
Richmond, VA


Our Founders

Nancy Unlaub Anderson, Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Frances Northern Ashburn, Lancaster, VA

Robert Franklin Brown, McMinnville, TN

Caroline Bolte Cardwell, Richmond, VA

Betsy Caylor Carter, Aldie, VA

Charles Roland Carter, Brownsboro, AL

Darrell Bruce Carter, Louisville, KY

Douglas Wayne Carter, Beavercreek, OH

Marie Elizabeth Carter, Richmond, VA

Ronald Keith Carter, Arlington, TX

Betty Jo Berry Dwiggins, Macon, MO

Ronald Dale Gentry, Goochland, VA

J. Phillip Harris, Richmond, VA

Ann Carter Lee, White Stone, VA

Christine Barnum Lurk, Littlestown, PA

Charles Dandridge Rawlins, Shawsville, VA

Carter Beaumont Refo, Warrenton, VA

Fay Parrish Wade, Richmond, VA

Krista Johnston Walther, Marietta, GA

Robert Hoskins Warren, Redart, VA

MaryLiz Dodson Welchons, Chesterfield, VA

Beverly Randolph Wellford, Warsaw, VA


Mission Statement

The Carter Society seeks to honor those early Carters who came to the Virginia Colony to establish a better life for themselves and their progeny, and was established in 2001 with these goals:

1. To promote fellowship and the understanding of family ties among Carters, both then and now;

2. To foster scholarly historical and genealogical research of the Carters in early Virginia, their ancestry and descendants

3. To promote and encourage cooperation among Society members in the dissemination of accurate, documented Carter family historical and genealogical information

4. To promote awareness and the great importance of preserving family documents, photographs, and other family records

5. To promote and support the Society in its endeavor to archive Carter family records of historical and genealogical interest for the benefit of future generations

6. To promote the preservation of all historic, architectural, and archival treasures related to the early Carter families of Colonial Virginia.

Incorporated as a non-profit heritage organization, the Carter Society offers a unique opportunity to come to know those who share a common heritage, a common interest, and a common goal.



The Carter Society is a corporation led by a Board of Directors who are elected at the annual meeting and serve for a term of two years, or until the next election. Officers are elected by the directors at the first meeting of the Board of Directors following the annual meeting, and serve concurrently with their directorship. The principal officers of the Society are the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, although the Board may also elect one or more Vice-Presidents, Assistant Secretaries, and Assistant Treasurers, as necessary. Committees may be appointed by the President, except the membership committee, which is elected by the Board.



The following chapters have been established within the Society based upon those Carter patriots of Colonial Virginia who have known living descendants. Click on a Chapter for further information.

Giles Carter I of Henrico County

John Carter I of Lancaster County

Thomas Carter I of Lancaster County

Thomas Carter I of Isle of Wight County

William Carter of Surry
Landon Carter of Carolina County

Other Carters of Colonial Virginia



Special Note: Committee Chairs are appointed by the Board, who then recruit from the Membership at large, including Friends (who otherwise have no voting rights).

Budget and Finance Ben Kemplin
Historian Fay Parrish
Librarian Betsy Caylor Carter
Membership Nancy Carter Billings
Publications Bob Lumsden, Nancy Billings and Donna Andresen
Wesite Development Carter Harris and Paul Carter
Y-DNA Project Mike Terry

Board of Directors

2016 TCS Officers

Paul Carter
Paul Benjamin Carter
Chairman of the Board
Photo Donna Andresen

Donna Pearsall Andresen
Bob Lumsden
Robert Douglas Lumsden
Vice President

Photo Linda Hansen

Linda Carter Hansen
Recording Secretary
Ben Kemplin
Benjamin Dale Fetters



TCS Board of Directors

Photo Nancy Carter Billings

Nancy Carter Billings
Board Member

Photo of Doug Carter

Doug Jackson Carter
Board Member

Photo Walter Carter
Walter Ford Carter
Board Member

Herman Carter Harris
Board Member
Fay Parrish

Fay Parrish
Board Member
Photo Kimberly Andresen (Straatmann)
Kimberly Andresen

Board Member

Photo of Mary McWhorter

Mary McWhorter
Board Member


Past Presidents

Past Presidents

 Photo Donna Pearsall Anderson

Donna Pearsall Andresen

Paul Carter

Paul Benjamin Carter
2013 - 2015

Photo Randolph Lee Carter

Randolph Lee Carter
2012 - 2013

Ron Carter

Ronald Keith Carter
2010 - 2012

Charles Roland Carter

Charles Roland Carter
2004 - 2010

Photo Fay Parrish Wade

Fay Parrish Wade 
2001 - 2004


Edward Dale and Shakespeare

Walter Carter has shared some interesting information on Major Edward Dale:

The following quote is from “Our British Founding Father,” an article about the popularity of Shakespeare’s writings in colonial America, in the Wall Street Journal, June 19, 2016, p. D5.

“One recently discovered source at the Folger (Shakespeare Library) – a volume once owned by Edward Dale (1620-1695), who immigrated to Virginia in the 1650s – contains a list of the books he owned at his death, which included Shakespeare’s Second Folio (1632); this is now the earliest record of Shakespeare’s works owned in America.”

Major Edward Dale (1624-1695) was the father of Katharine Dale, wife of Captain Thomas “of Barford” Carter, Sr. (1630-1700).

The Wall Street Journal article is available here.

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