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Mike Terry - Chairman, Y-DNA Project
Mike Terry was a presenter at the 2016 Carter Reunion.

The Carter Society promotes and encourages the Carter Y-DNA Project to establish, maintain, and defend the Y-DNA of our Colonial Virginia Carter patriots: Thomas Carter of Lancaster County, John Carter of Lancaster County, William Carter of Surry County, Thomas Carter of Isle of Wight County and Giles Carter of Henrico County.

The Y-DNA of Carter males may be used to validate documented family pedigrees to the above listed Colonial Virginia Carter Patriots.  A category has been established  in The Carter Society for other Carter families who were found in Colonial Virginia using Y-DNA  to validate those lines as well.

Family Tree DNASince 2010, Family Tree DNA has marketed an autosomal DNA test called Family Finder which may be used to validate documented Carter lines and this test can be taken by males or females. Autosomal tests will locate Carter cousins 5 or 6 generations back in time.

For more information please click on this link: or click on the Family Tree DNA logo to the right and type in the word Carter in the project search box just above the word search.


About DNA Testing

At the 2016 Carter Reunion, Mike Terry made a presentation on DNA Testing. Click on the image below to review the slides from Mike's presentation. NOTE: if you don't see the image, press CTRL-R. there is an issue in the software; I am working on a fix.